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Baga Beach’s booking made easier

Goa is known for its beaches, Baga Beach is no exception to them. Stretching across the coastline of Goa, the beach falls under Governance of Calangute. The beach is famous for a blend of beautiful sceneries and cool breeze. Visitors will be able to see dolphins jumping in and out of the water, anglers hunting for fishes and carry out sports activities such as paragliding.

Baga beach Goa

Thousands of visitors come here annually to enjoy the beauty in the perfect climatic conditions for summer. Nearby is the Baga Creek, which is also famous for its low tide water flow, temples and so on.

Sports activities

Visitors rightly say that it is the best beach in North Goa for water sports. The beach is not so crowded, thanks to the large catering capacity, so waiting is not a task here. Diving can be also done here; getting a boat that will take you to the diving area and the protective equipment are the pre-requisites. Other activities include swimming, boating, partying and playing in casinos.

Sports activities

Getting here

The town is located in Goa; therefore, reaching Goa should be at priority. Taking a commute from there until Baga will do the job and rest the tourist has to do is reach the beach. Baga Creek is also nearby; a local transit is preferable to reach there. A person will be able to interact will the natives and jot down some more information about the town and its culture.

Getting here

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